11.Jinifer Roos(non-registered)
So many amazing photos!! Decisions, decisions...
10.J D Wolff(non-registered)
Awesome work Brendon!! You have an excellent eye for photography! Well done!! Looking forward to seeing the 'Young Dubs' once again this Friday, Jan. 20th in Ventura. Cheers! JD
8.Deb Lawler(non-registered)
Gorgeous. Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing!
7.Wendy L.(non-registered)
Great Eye! Your imagery is beautiful!
6.Aksesoris Motor(non-registered)
Great site. I have been amazed by your many talents for years.
5.Obi Won Pepperoni(non-registered)
You got a great eye !! The photo's are each an adventure of their own, taking the viewer on a journey into either the abstract, or conventional interpretation of a face, place, or object.
Fantastic in B&W or color.
3.Anne Franklin
Your new website is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your artistry with us, on AND off the stage!
2.Jojo Peters(non-registered)
Amazing photos Bren and great site!
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